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About Us assists both fine wine lovers and casual wine drinkers to buy wines by making it easy to find a wine, compare it with other wines, and find the lowest wine prices across hundreds of U.S. retailers.

We take pride in being able to offer wine buyers the following:

-Up to date access to hundreds of retailers and thousands of wines across all fifty states.
-A stylish and easy to use interface.
-Sophisticated and unique search options
-The ability to rate and provide feedback for any wine.
-Excellent customer service and support offers five unique methods to discover new wines. The most exciting are wine ratings by consumers and the ability to search for wines by pairing food and wine. users write wine tasting notes and wine reviews based on their experience. Other users can then search by the wine ratings looking for high quality, top value wines. If someone is looking to enhance his or her dining experience,'s unique wine search engine can find the perfect food and wine pairings. users can also search for wines based on the country of origin, the varietal type, or price and focus their search results through any combination of the search parameters. For example, a user who is seeking a well-priced red wine with a good rating can easily enter that search and instantly see results that include information about the wine and reviews by other users.

Once wine lovers have located a wine, they can use to compare not only wine prices, but any applicable tax, and an approximate shipping cost among hundreds of U.S. retailers.'s advanced wine search technology can navigate the complex wine shipping laws and display only retailers that are able to ship directly to the consumer's home. Further, a user can setup a price alert; the system will notify him or her by email once the price for a wine meets that consumer's request. also offers an innovative comparison engine that allows wine consumers to compare wines by any combination of factors including wine prices, wine ratings, country or region of origin, food and wine match and varietal type. For example, it can recommend 10 red wines from the United States under $20 that are highly scored by other wine lovers.

WineZap also publishes a free email newsletter. WineZap's editors review offers from hundred's of retailers every day and email subscribers the best discounts, rarest finds, and most interesting buys. To become a subscriber, go to
WineZap's free newsletter.

Company Information

WineZap is a part of a group of websites dedicated to individuals locating, buying, and managing their wines.

Our services include:

WineZap: a dedicated wine search engine designed to help consumers find, price, compare, and purchase wines from individual retailers nationwide.

WineCommune: one of the internets premier wine auction sites.

WineBoss: a website designed for the management, valuation, and analysis of an individual's private wine cellar.

WineZap Wine Club: a wine club that only ships known, highly rated wines at below retail prices. For every wine shipped, many others have been tasted, and rejected, by the editor's at WineZap.

The owners, editors, and staff of our internet wine group consist of wine colectors, former restaurant general managers, and wine auctioneers as well as those who simply know and appreciate a good glass of wine. Our websites reflect our passion for wine and it is our hope that this will bring simplicity, value, and excitement to your own personal world of wine.


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