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Why should I list my store on WineZap?

WineZap is a dedicated wine search engine. Our services are tailored to serious wine buyers interested in easily finding the wines they desire. Not only will you see increased traffic being directed to your site, but you will see that these people are serious about buying the wines you have to offer. Even our smaller retailers see hundreds of referrals being sent to their store on a monthly basis.

-Dramatically increase your exposure.
-Receive hundreds of highly qualified referrals to your web store.
- Our traffic consists of serious wine buyers that prefer shopping on the internet. Buying wine is their goal and by listing on WineZap you become one of their options.
-It is very easy to do. There is usually little or no work to be done on your part.
-By joining you will be a part of our highly effective referral engine and will receive wine industry statistics and analysis as it pertains directly to your store.

WineZap is the easiest and most advanced wine search engine out there today. We offer wine buyers the ability to do quick, accurate, and sophisticated searches, historical research, wine comparisons, and to personally rate and write tasting notes on wines in our network. We provide all this in a slick user friendly format supported by outstanding customer service. What this means for you is more and more traffic being directed to your web store.

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