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How much does it cost?

Unlike other wine search engines we do not charge a flat monthly fee. Instead, we only charge on a per-referral, or "per-click," basis (minimum $0.25). Among other benefits, this ensures that you only pay when a serious wine-buyer actually goes to your product page. The amount that you pay is determined by your "bid" amount. And your "bid" amount determines, in part, your wines position among the other featured retailers.

What this means is that not only do you have control over where your wines are positioned, but also that you only pay when there is a good possibility of a sale.

For Example:

Imagine that your per-click bid amount is $0.26. A consumer searches for "Opus One" and you, and five other featured retailers, are currently selling that wine. If your bid amount is highest then your result will be listed first. If someone has a bid of $0.30 then their wine will be listed first, your wine second, and so on. Regardless, you only pay $0.26 if the consumer actually chooses your wine from the list and clicks on it.

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