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How do I benefit as a Featured Retailer?

  • Increased online sales
    • Prominence is the biggest factor in determining your referral rate. By bidding for prominent placement and adding a logo you ensure your wines will be seen and clicked on.
  • Dynamic, real time control over your wines competitive edge
    • Change your bid amount as often as you want to adjust to new market conditions
  • Full control over how much you spend and when
    • Not only can you change your bid amount, but you control the time and amount of each autopay, whether your account is on hold or active, and how you would like to be automatically informed of your accounts status.
  • Immediately measure the success of your campaign
    • Your bid amount works in real time - make a change and immediately assess its effect.
  • Full access to WineZap's features for retailers
    • Use our click tracking, auto-notifications, and newsletter deal search options as well as unprecedented control over your information, account, and listings to help your store grow.

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