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What do the icons stand for?

 Search based on the region where the wine was produced

  Search based on the primary grape varietal used to make the wine

  Search based on general wine and food pairing guidlines

  Search based on the wine's price

  Search based on the consumers rating for individual wines.

Also, each search results displays icons designating good pairing options for that particular wine.   The different icons you will see are listed below.

  Cheese      Fish   Shellfish  Duck  PoultryFruit

  Beef    Lamb    Pork   Veal  Game

 Pasta with Cream Sauce  Pasta with Tomato Sauce

Chocolate    Dessert   Vegetarian   Green Salad

 After Dinner   Asian BBQ     Hearty Stew

Pizza    Curry    Cajun   Hot and Spicy

Spider Trap