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Search Tips

The search tips below will help you get the best results from our search engine.

Use General Search Terms

Sometimes it is better to keep a search generalized. Adding more terms can sometimes lead to no search results. (for example, instead of searching for 1994 Caymus Special Select, simply search for Caymus - you can always narrow your options later)

Check Spelling

Misspellings are by far the most common cause of poor search results.  Again, use general search terms, search by a general category (such as varietal) and link to your choice, or simply double check your entry.  Fortunately, our search engine compensates for many common spelling errors.  In this case, you will be asked if you meant ______wine.

Avoid Abreviations

Using abreviations often results in too many results that are often unrelated to each other. (For example, if you are searching for "Mondavi" and simply type "Mon" you will get results for Monbousque, Mondavi, Almondo, etc.)  Also, avoid common slang.

Exclude Vintage 

Sometimes none of our network of retailers will have the vintage you are looking for.  In that case, you may get poor search results.  Try searching without vintage to find different vintages of the same wine

Avoid Punctuation

Punctuation such as "&,?,-. etc." can create problems with your search.  Leave them out to yield better results.

Search Options

Remember, you can also browse by price, user rating, food pairing options, varietal, and region by clicking on the icons.  Once you find the wine you are looking for, you may enter your zip code to get shipping estimates and/or to narrow your results to only retailers that can either ship to your state or that are in your state. Our advanced search engine multiplies your browsing options by allowing you to use all these criteria to compare wines and their prices.

For example,

You can do an advanced search for all 1997 Cabernet Sauvignons from Napa Valley being offered in your state for under $30! Here's How



Compare 20 wines rated between 85 and 90 points from Italy that would go well with Asian Cuisine. Here's how

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