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Shopping Tips

Compare and Research

Use our Buying Guide, Comparison Features, and User Ratings to research your wines before you buy.  Other online resources such as can also help you determine the best way to meet your needs.

Know Your Total Costs

All prices listed are initially calculated before sales tax and shipping.  You can estimate shipping costs on WineZap by entering your zipcode at the bottom of the search results screen.  However, these are estimates only.  Each retailer may use different packing and shipping methods which effects the actual cost to you.  Also, you may or may not have to pay sales tax depending on where you and the retailer are located.  Make sure you confirm your total price with the individual retailer before you buy to avoid any surprises.

Plan Ahead

Be sure to give yourself extra time when ordering wines online.   Although, you may have the option to overnight your delivery, wine is most often shipped via ground transportation.  This can cause delays over weekends and busy holidays.  Also, unfortunately not all retailers are as speedy as others.  Save yourself a headache by giving yourself plenty of lead time.

Protect Yourself

If possible, pay by credit card instead of debit card.  Most credit card companies offer full online fraud protection.  Although this is rarely an issue it is good to err on the side of caution.  Also, keep your receipt as proof of purchase and as a way of tracking your order.  If something goes awry you will have the documentation to refer to.

Provide Feedback

Any WineZap subscriber can rate and write tasting notes for wines they have tried.  By providing ratings and tasting notes you are helping other wine buyers like yourself research wines.  If everyone contributes, all of our users will have a rich source of information about wine quality and value. 

Address Problems Immediately

Notify the retailer as soon as possible.  Also, be aware that the Better Business Bureau on your side if a problem is not resolved to your satifsfaction.  Furthermore, your credit card issuer can often mediate a dispute on your behalf.  

And please, let us know.  We can try and help with the problem.  Retailers that have recieved many complaints and do not conduct business up to our standards will be removed from our site.   

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