Make Sure You Get the WineZap Newsletters

Who doesn't want to get rid of spam? That makes spam filters which remove junk mail before it reaches your Inbox so valuable. No filter's perfect, however, and it may catch the WineZap newsletters you have signed up for and want to receive along. Here's how to make sure WineZap's newsletters make it to your Inbox.

Select your email provider to learn how to place WineZap on your white list.


  • Select Options from the Hotmail navigation bar.
  • Click on Safe List (under Mail Handling).
  • Type in the entry field to the left.
  • Click Add >>.

America Online (AOL)

  • Go to Keyword Mail Controls.
  • Select the screen name we're sending your newsletter to.
  • Click Customize Mail Controls For This Screen Name.
  • For AOL version 7.0: In the section for "exclusion and inclusion parameters", includes:
  • For AOL version 8.0: Select Allow email from all AOL members, email addresses and domains.
  • Click Next until the Save button shows up at the bottom.
  • Click Save.
  • For AOL version 9.0: You need to add WineZap to your "People I Know list". Open your latest e-mail. Click the Add Address button (over on the right) to add us to your "People I Know" list.

Yahoo! Mail

  • Follow the Mail Options link from the Yahoo! Mail navigation bar.
  • Select Filters.
  • Click Add.
  • Give the filter an appropriate name under Filter Name such as WineZap
  • Make sure the first criterion reads From header: contains.
  • Type
  • Select the desired destination folder (quite simply the Inbox, for example) under Move the message to:.
  • Click Add Filter.

Others including Outlook, Outlook Express, Lotus, Eudora, and Netscape Mail

Many popular e-mail programs, including Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, and Netscape Mail, don't provide a convenient way for you to white-list the folks you want to receive e-mail from. If you're using this sort of e-mail system and you either aren't getting WineZap or want to make sure you continue to receive WineZap in the future, you can do something about it.

Contact the customer service people or the Postmaster at the company that provides your e-mail or Internet connection (your ISP). Explain to them that WineZap is e-mail that you asked for and value. Ask them if they can white-list WineZap. They'll probably ask you for some information about us. Here's what to tell them:

  • Sending Address: If they ask for our address, give them the address in the "From" line of your most recent WineZap:
  • Domain: If they need to know the domain we're mailing from, tell them
  • IP Address: If they ask for our sending IP address, tell them:

Thank you for white-listing the WineZap.

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