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Alameda, CA
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September 2007
About me in 10 words or less 
Coffee geek, knitter, sociologist, adventurer!
My hometown 
Carlsbad, CA
My favorite wines 
Experimenting with bargains...it's all I can afford!
My favorite foods 
Thai food and ice cream.
My favorite websites 
Flickr, Shelfari, Ravelry
When I am not on WineZap, I... 
drink coffee and knit.
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  2005 - Parducci Sauvignon Blanc
 Nov 02, 2007

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 This was an experimental Trader Joe's purchase for pairing with heavier autumn foods.  Aromas of honeydew melon, lime, and pear were easy to find; sweet and enjoyable, but relatively simple.  On the palate, it was medium bodied with some acidity, but not quite enough to cut through the rich chicken sausage risotto.  I can see this going really well with Asian chicken salads or apricot glazed pork chops.  A nice little wine, simple and straightforward.  The organic/sustainably grown grapes are a definite draw, and I will be trying more from Parducci.

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