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  1997 - Clos Pegase Cabernet Sauvignon Hommage Reserve
 Aug 03, 2008

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i've been a fan of clos pegase wines for a long time.  particularly their "hommage" series of cabernets.  i've collected them since 1988.  they've always been absolutely marvelous.  so, last night i was shopping in the wine room and my eyes beheld a bottle of the 97.  i picked up the bottle with some skepticism because of all the negative press that the vintage had received over the past couple of years.  WTF i thought, i think i'll check it out.  so, i took the bottle inside and opened it and sniffed at the bottle edge.  no evident flaws or mustiness emanating from the bottle itself.  so, i got my favourite riedel stem and poured a taste.  WOW and blow me down, this wine was amazing.  a dark ruby red colour with a incredibly frooty nose that talked about cassis, black cherry and raspberries.  as i gave it an adventurous sip, the aromas translated seamlessly into flavours on my palate and much to my surprise, there were unctious tannins that left the flavours lingering seemingly forever...

Five Rennies outta Five on this beauty.  and i have another bottle to boot!!




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  2003 - Sequoia Grove Cabernet Sauvignon Estate Reserve
 Jun 18, 2008

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 2003 sexquoia grove RESERVE cabernet

opened this bad boy on a whim last night. i drink lotsa wine based on whims. it's kinda whimsical.

at any rate, this is a fabulous bottle of wine-fragrances and aromas popping out of the glass like a genie out of the bottle enticing you to wish that the palate was the same or even better than the aromas. and i have to say, that damn genie was right. all the froot of a well made cabernet was on display-including currant, black cherry and cassis with a hint of tobacco and maybe some tar as well.

5 sooper dooper rennies outta 5 on this one.

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