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Bradenton, FL
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November 2007
About me in 10 words or less 
Red Wine, especially Aussie Shiraz and Bordeaux
My hometown 
Warminster, PA
My favorite wines 
Amon-Ra, Rusden Black Guts, Torbreck, Right Bank Bordeaux, American Zins
My favorite foods 
Filet Mignon and anything that goes well with a nice red.
My favorite websites 
Google, for anything
When I am not on WineZap, I... 
can be found face down with an empty wine glass in my hand.
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  2007 - Spinetta (Giuseppe Rivetti), La Moscato Bricco Quaglia
 Oct 09, 2008

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 Looking for an absolutely easy drinking, effervescent, enjoyable light and sweet wine?  Look no further than this low alcohol, lightly bubbly treat from Italy.  The Moscato D'Asti wines are always a crowd favorite for their universal appeal and ease in drinking.  A sweet treat, this wine will go with anything light from a shrimp salad to a nice chicken taco.  And even for some excellent Moscatos, you won't need to fret about costs, these usually roll in under $15.  A nice price that won't leave you moaning for aspirins the next morning.  Enjoy!

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  2004 - Williams Selyem Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast
 Sep 17, 2008

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 I can't begin to tell anyone who will listen how frustrating it is to me to find a decent Pinot Noir.  There just seems to be so much swill out there.  And then there is Williams Selyem.  Perhaps the quintessential winemakers when it comes to Pinots, this particular wine never disappoints.  From its delightful bright red color right down to the wonderful aromas and taste, this wine proves that pinot noir can be made right and enjoyed mightily.  The flavors are dynamic and bright, the texture smooth and effortless.  A nice tartness behind the smooth wine itself, almost strawberry like.  I know it's an expensive bottle of wine, but I'd trade all of the pinot duds I've bought over the years to have only a few bottles of this quality wine.  A winner.

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