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Merrimack, NH
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December 2007
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Not to be judged by my cover...
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Merrimack, NH
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Bordeaux, Pinot Noir, Chianti & Champagne
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French, Indian & Turkish
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try to keep my mind sharp and be surrounded by possitive people.
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  9998 - Moet Chandon White Star NV
 Dec 24, 2007

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Here's my attempt at knowing what I am doing...

This is a very delicate champagne with the definte undertone of peach. We drink this as a special occassion bubbly (Christmas, Parties, New Years) but it also affordable for more frequent consumption. The delicate nature of the wine goes well with mild cheeses, shrimp cocktail & fruit.  Anything heavy or spicy really does overpower it.

For Christmas or New Years, I recommend getting a magnum because Moet tends to be popular with everyone (and with good reason).

Ok, so that is my spiel, it's just a nice way to help you enjoy some of those awkward family members!

Happy Holidays

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