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  1947 - Cheval Blanc 
 Mar 12, 2009

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750 ml bottle authenticated by Christie's auction house.  Upon cork removal, cork was dark and aged.  Cork, label, and capsule absolutely authentic.  First pour tasted like it may possibly be oxidized.  Decided to pour through coffee filter into decanter and re-pour.  Wow!  Not oxidized.  Color was similar to tawny port but with more red notes.  Nose was unbelievable with buttered pumpkin bread, fruitcake, slight floral note and a hint of cumin.  The nose was so unbelievable, it was hard to stop smelling and begin tasting.  Tremendous weight especially on midpalate.  Similar to sucking on  a spoon full of honey as it just sat on the palate.  No acid whatsoever with subtle but tremendous complexity.  Could taste the volatile acidity slightly on the hindplalate though my friend did not perceive this as much.  Finish was neverending -- 5 minutes or more.  This bottle was unlike any other wine.  Not classic bordeaux, cali or anything I can think of.  It was just tremendously otherworldly and fabulous.  Two things stuck out.  Absolutely no acid on the palate making it completely mouthcoating and wonderful.  The second was the finish.  I could still perceive it even after starting a new bottle -- it just kept hanging onto the midpalate in a ethereal sort of way.  One other strange thing,  well I expected it to fade in the glass, it continued to only improve with time in the glass despite its age.  We followed with a 2005 Scarecrow and 1999 Lafite.   Both were wonderful but suffered from being tasted after this monumental, ethereal, and transendent bottle of 47 Cheval Blanc.

I get the feeling this was not a perfect bottle of 47 Cheval as most accounts have the wine with a darker, more intense color but it was still a 99 point wine.  It just had something wonderful about it that came through despite any faults in the storage or bottle.  It was awesome and would likely be even better from a magnum. 

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  2004 - Peju Cabernet Sauvignon Rutherford Reserve
 Jun 21, 2008

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 Yes this was a very good Peju that I give 93 points.  Seductive and writhe, this wine has a wonderful nose of soft dark fruit, cedar, and a touch of cinnamon.  Beautifully complex on the palate though not overpowering.  Nice finish that maybe had a touch of alcohol present.

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