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  2004 - Michael Winery, Peter Les Pavots Proprietary Red Wine
 Nov 03, 2010

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  I'm a big fan of Peter Michael.  I approached the '04 Les Pavots with the natural bias a Peter Michael fan would give.  But the wine failed to live up to my expectations.  However, the wine improved substantially 18-20 hours after being decanted.  I suspect this is a wine that should be treated like an old world Bordeaux and left to sit in your cellar for the next decade or two.  Dark red color revealed aromas of boysenberry and tobacco.  Currant was predominant at first taste, followed by an overabundance of herbs, primarily sage and cedar.  The wine was overly tannic and struggled to finish with balance as the herbal quality overwhelmed.  Interesting wine needing to be decanted for hours prior to drinking.  

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  2003 - El Nido, Bodegas  El Nido
 Nov 03, 2010

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  I thought Jumilla made "pedestrian" wine.  I thought this region of Spain served up plain, ordinary juice, appealing only to the locals.  Boy was I wrong!  The 2003 El Nido was such a surprise.  It's hard to get a hold of, but well worth it! Ruby in color this Cab/Mourvedre blend delivers a powerhouse bouquet of black fruit and nuts.  Cherries and chocolate dominate the palate with hints of clove and sage.  A beautiful, well balanced tannic finish makes this Spanish red a special treat.  Drinkable the moment you open the cork, even better 2-4 hours in a decanter.  

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