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  9998 - Unti Vineyards Syrah Petit Frere
 Jun 24, 2008

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 Unti Vineyards admits these are young vines, and yes, the wine is named Little Brother. A Chateauneuf de pape blend of Grenache (42%), Mourvedre (10%), and Syrah (52%), Petit Frere needs some growing up to do. As fitting young, newly grafted vines, the resulting wine is not terribly complex. It had a bit too much acidity for this taster's preferences and I didn't find it very "round" as promised on the label. The acidity and off-kilter balance made it seem sharp and rough, like a cheap local barrel French wine. It was not bad per se, I just couldn't help think someone else might have been able to make a better wine out of the same mix. The nose promised more than the taste delivered.The syrah seemed weak and so the grenache dominated-all the better notes came from the grenache profile: baked cherries, rhubarb, licorice. A decent bottle but there are better spanish garnaches and better Aussie GSM's for less money. It smoothed out a little with some time and some food to paired with it, but this never got past being just OK.

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  2002 - Alban Vineyards Syrah Reva Alban Estate Vineyard
 May 12, 2008

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 A sublime wine from the Edna Valley. Last Thursday night I opened a bottle of Alban, 2002, Reva syrah. John Alban is a genius. Old world, new world, who cares, this wine was sublime. Yes it's a California wine but I doubt French syrah fans could tell. A few years in the bottle made this wine integrate beautifully (though it would easily keep for another 15 years). Waves of dark fruit were washing over my palate, but so were those of roasted meat and earthy brown spice and black tea, and cacao. Super fleshy, silky mouthfeel, perfectly balanced and a nice fine grain tannic structure. The finish on this wine is a treat to experience, it went on forever but just made me want to drink some more. It just wouldn't quit. This powerful yet elegant wine is truly a joy for a syrah fan.

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