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  2006 - Clos de Los Siete 
 Jan 13, 2009

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I was very interested in trying this wine. Maybe my expectations were too high. I read Ken K's review and I disagree with his opinion. I thought that after 20 minutes of breathing it came off really sweet! My wife and I each had two glasses and the 2nd glass for me was a little more my taste.  The nose was nice, especially for a $15 bottle of wine, the color has a nice deep red but for me the flavors and varieties were a little contradictory.  Personally, I love a Malbec, I like Merlots and love my hearty Cabs and Bordeaux's. Having three out of my 4 favorite varieties I was hoping for more.

Side note: There was one glass leftover and I re-corked the bottle and finished the last glass off the next night. I will say it was much better all around the second night. If I decanted it or let it breath longer my opinion may have been different.

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