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My Location:
Aptos, CA
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August 2008
About me in 10 words or less 
bicyclist, cook, health care worker, traveler, writer, wine lover.
My hometown 
Sonora, CA and Nashville, TN
My favorite wines 
Morgan 12 clone pinot noir, Rombauer Zin 2000-2002
My favorite foods 
meats and veggies, salads, good breads and cheeses
My favorite websites 

When I am not on WineZap, I... 
work like a dog and ride my bicycle for transportation and pleasure.
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  2006 - Forefathers Sauvignon Blanc
 Aug 04, 2008

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 This Marlbourough white is zingy and bright with citrus, gooseberry and peachy flavors. I can't find much of a nose on it, but it explodes on the tongue and has a lucious finish. It has brisk acidity and begs for seafood, maybe a baked white fish fillet with a buttery crumb topping, or even take-out fish and chips! It is a bargain now at certain retailers, and makes my poor woman's list of really nice wines.

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