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Bethesda, MD
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June 2009
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My hometown 
Washington DC
My favorite wines 
Cabs, Shiraz, Bordeaux & champagnes...not necessarily in that order!
My favorite foods 
grilled ribeye or veal, conch chowder in Cayman Is., the bread & onion soup in Paris
My favorite websites 
winecommune, ebay, amazon
When I am not on WineZap, I... 
having fun!
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  2005 - Catena Zapata, Bodegas Catena Alta Cabernet
 Jul 01, 2009

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 This wine made me a believer in the magical powers of Argentina! They say the grapes are harvested @ 3100' & 3400' elevation but whatever the reason, it not only comes down from "on high" but will take u there quickly! This is an awesome wine that will only get better with age. You can drink now or cellar for a few years but do yourself (& ur friends) a favor and serve it at cellar temperature (55 to 60 degrees F.). You will be rewarded as the wine's complexity unfolds in your glass as it warms to room temperature!

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