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  1995 - Mouton-Rothschild 
 Nov 15, 2014

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 I had just poured myself a dinklage of this wine when the following thought occured to me: call me "crazy," but Borneo has always reminded me of the Caribbean isle of Solooronada (shortened from the original Spanish phrase "no tenemos nada de oro, por favor déjenos solos" meaning, "we do not have any gold please leave us alone"). I see in both a foolishness in its people, that not only resisted (in vain) the kind, parental hand of civilization but the proud, fortune-making tradition of slave trade. Hopefully other dirty, poory nations can learn from their mistakes. Ugh.

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  2004 - Firestone Gewurztraminer
 Aug 14, 2011

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 I had the (dis)pleasure of tasting a pirated bottle from this batch. Though I was initially impressed by how tight and backwards the wine was, the subtle aromas of blackberry, plum, and lavender seeds were overpowered by a senescent nose of stucco, tanbark, and volleyball stuffing. I felt like I was drinking in the accouterments of a commoner's physical education class. (LOL) I'll give this a light, LIGHT D+ but recommend remedial classes in oenology for all parties involved, excluding myself. Good Day.

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