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May 2012
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  1995 - Mouton-Rothschild 
 May 14, 2012

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 My last mouton 95 and now I will be unable to drink my 100 bottle cellar.Due to my ambush I have all top harlan,abreu,colgin,and some other amazing 2001 ,2002 & I think a Clarendon astralis,and Intregrity 2003?I was shot and must part with my wines & single malts & even 2 antique louis XII.Well anyone near Vermont,southeat,by Brattleboro if you want the perfect wines for any baby boomer,these are perfect.I didn't want to wait for a better vintage because I was looking for wines I would still enjoy & taste them,I have Harlan estate 2001 3-4 1-1994.Best to call or come on up.If you buy enough or all,I'll throw in a wine cellar.(100 btl enclosed)cost approx $1400 802 365 9795 evenings or during the afternoon 12-2 is good. Enjoy..because I can only rarely enjoy wines or my extinct single malts worth approx 40K.

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