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9998 R L Buller Premium Fine Muscat Muscat

Australia Victoria Rutherglen

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Professional Reviews

91 points Stephen Tanzer's IWC 10/2011
91 points Wine Enthusiast 2/2011
91 points Robert Parker's Wine Advocate 2/2009

Member Reviews

Buller, R L Premium Fine Muscat Muscat 9998
Yuichi  S.
Yuichi S.

Rated  on May 20, 2008

Syrupy, balanced nice dessert wine.  But it gave me some headaches due to too much sweetness.  It was like missing pancakes.  A lot of people might like this.  I liked it but not thrilled me.

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Buller, R L Premium Fine Muscat Muscat 9998
A buttery 'red' sweet dessert wine???
Life is a Cabernet
Life is a Cabernet

Rated  on Nov 08, 2007

This 'white' wine has a gorgeous mahogany color and thick like pure maple syrup. The nose has raisins, ripe plums, and a fairly strong alcohol (since this wine comes in at 18%). Once hitting the palate, this wine has an intense buttery flavor and spices (vanilla and nutmeg) bloom. The oak is fairly pronounced. Nice long finish. Great for sipping in front of a fire or enjoying with a nice crème brulee.

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Buller, R L Premium Fine Muscat Muscat 9998
Incredible dessert wine, incredible value
Gerhard B.
Gerhard B.

Rated  on Nov 04, 2007

Dark amber in color, butterscotch and toffee notes with nuts and spices. Finish that goes on forever. This is liquid ambrosia.

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Network Reviews

A Muscat That Drinks Like a Port
Score: 91 points
Drink by: 3 to 7 years
Unlike standard Muscats, the RL Buller Premium Fine is much richer than it is light and fruity, not to mention darker. It`s color varies from brown to amber. This is definitely a sipping wine as well as a dessert wine.

This muscat has legs and a strong aroma which are backed up by a hearty thick honey-syrupy sweetness that borders on excessive.

For those who like sweet wines, you won`t get much more fortified than this. Alcohol percentage rivals most Ports at 18%. Although highly rated by the "authorities", this dessert wine can be found in 1/2 bottles in the U.S. for $10-15.
Posted by simonole on August 13, 2004
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