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2007 Zilliken Riesling Auslese Gold Cap Saarburger Rausch AP 2 Riesling

Germany Mosel Saar Ruwer Upper Mosel Saarburg Rausch

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Zilliken Riesling Auslese Gold Cap Saarburger Rausch AP 2 Riesling 2007
2007 German Auction Wines Make a Splash on Arrival
John  T.
John T.

Rated  on May 17, 2009

Tasted by sweetstuff on 5/16/2009 & rated 96 points: Versteigerungswein TN: 2007 Zilliken (Forstmeister Geltz) Saarburger Rausch Riesling Auslese Goldkapsel Auction AP 2.

Photo at courtesy CellarTracker.

Arrived March 30, 2009. AP 3 551 083 2 08; 7.5 pabv. _41/375 ml; US $66.83 plus 4.26 currency and overseas shipping; $73.09; $109.64/375 ml retail (33 percent on selling price).

From a half-bottle closed with a glorious 5-cm., 1-15/16 inch, CORK. Could count seven bands; would not have been out of place in a B'x First Growth. This was purchased from the Trier auction alongside the AP 1 GKA for Cousin Ron, with a bottle of each for moi.

A pale light green, just a hint of chlorophyll, meaning that most likely Botrytis was selected against in the picking, or a very 'clean' patch was selected for this. Just a touch of warmth of color in that green is a sign of Fuder-aging. Unbelievably thick; clings to the walls of the glass when swirled and simply stays there. Expecting extreme extract. No spritz to my eye but full of crystalline needles of potassium hydrogen tartrate--expect explosive acidity.

Extremely tight in the nose, with some perfectly ripe floral peach and some orange flower--mint flower honey spread on wafers of unleavened bread, the kind the nuns used to make for Eucharist where I came from. Tosses off the merest hint of horehound.

Again, extremely tight, and will require plenty of time just to relax, even though it's been six weeks or so since it arrived from Europe via Portland, Oregon. Powerful lemony acidity, nearly hiding the fruit; surprisingly, this is probalby nearly all tartaric acidity. It's going to soften some as it's held in cellar--there will be a great deal of "Weinstein" precipitation coming out of solution. It's very hard to tell today, but this is a full dessert-style wine, coating the tongue not only with sugar but with a great sense of a slate Riesling, a SAAR Riesling, nearly taking the skin off the tongue. Extremely clean, squeaky-clean, that keeps suggesting everything you've tasted or smellled or seen or even touched so far. Tremendous precision and great discipline for such an explosive wine. Even has a hint of the 'sparky' flavor/scent that you pick up around electrical discharges from fair-voltage equipment, like you can find sometimes in a great Chablis. Can't possibly imagine what extra goodies you'll get going further up the Prädikat scale. Dough, ray, meeeeeee.....


Needs days of following; I'll try to let it uncoil in the refrigerator. Stay tuned for further news.

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