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2003 Augey Bordeaux Bordeaux Blend

France Bordeaux

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Augey Bordeaux Bordeaux Blend 2003
Cheap and really not bad!
Jill C.
Jill C.

Rated  on Oct 28, 2007

Honestly I have been drinking Bordeaux for years and I find this very acceptable for a pizza or everyday dinner wine.  Maybe it is a little too fruity and not enough woody but there is not even one hint of raisin, and it cannot ever be mistaken for Californian - there is that unmistakeable French taste and not too much alcohol, which is the major problem with Californian wines.  12 - 13 percent is great for taste and enough to seem like a wine.  More than that is harsh.  I love it and bought every bottle in the reasonable driving area.

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