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1999 Allegrini Palazzo della Torre Proprietary Blend
A Baby Amarone that's as Smooth as a Baby's...
92 points
Drink by: 3 to 7 years
33 out of 61 people found this review helpful.
I must admit a certain bias toward red blends, particularly Italians. However, this Allegrini will satisfy most appetites.

This wine pairs extremely well with seafood and some darker meats, with its smooth finish delicately lingering on the palate. This is not a lightweight, but rather a refined full-bodied wine that is mature at a young age. I predict this vintage will continue to mature over the next 3-5 years.

It`s best quality, however, may be it`s price tag. Unlike it`s full-fledged Amarone sibling from the same vintage that retails for $60+, this gem can be purchased for a paltry $15-22. Highly recommended.
Posted on August 13, 2004
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9998 R L Buller Premium Fine Muscat Muscat
A Muscat That Drinks Like a Port
91 points
Drink by: 3 to 7 years
31 out of 60 people found this review helpful.
Unlike standard Muscats, the RL Buller Premium Fine is much richer than it is light and fruity, not to mention darker. It`s color varies from brown to amber. This is definitely a sipping wine as well as a dessert wine.

This muscat has legs and a strong aroma which are backed up by a hearty thick honey-syrupy sweetness that borders on excessive.

For those who like sweet wines, you won`t get much more fortified than this. Alcohol percentage rivals most Ports at 18%. Although highly rated by the "authorities", this dessert wine can be found in 1/2 bottles in the U.S. for $10-15.
Posted on August 13, 2004
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2002 Freiherr Von Schleinitz Koberner Weisenberg Riesling Riesling
Rich Riesling For a Beggar's Sum
90 points
Drink by: Now to 2 years
23 out of 47 people found this review helpful.
The 2002 Von Schleinitz Koberner Weisenberg Kabinett was recommended at my local wine shop, so I figured I`d give it a try, considering its negligible sale price of $10.

To my pleasant surprise, this sweet chilled wine exhibited generous peach and other sweet fruit flavors without the overbearing bite resonant of other lower quality dessert wines. At 9% alcohol, the concentration of alcohol is higher than that of many dessert whites without compromising texture or taste.

This wine won`t blow you away, but it definitely lives up to the 88 rating it received from WS, and is a solid best buy. Recommended at $10-18 for a 750 ML bottle. Drink now.
Posted on August 12, 2004
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1999 Merryvale Vineyards Profile Proprietary Red Wine Proprietary Blend
A California Red That Gets it Right!
95 points
Drink by: 3 to 7 years
26 out of 52 people found this review helpful.
At a recent visit to Merryvale Vineyards, I had the pleasure of tasting several of their top-shelf selections. The two most memorable were the 2000 Profile, followed by the 1999 Profile.

That is to say - I tasted the 2000 Profile first and was pleased with it`s acidity, but once I tried the 1999 Profile, I knew I would be going home with a bottle of the older vintage. This full-bodied Cab blend is highly flavorful and would pair nicely with a thick steak.

Wait a couple of years and this will be a true gem. It is extremely drinkable now. Expect to pay $65+ for a standard 750 ML bottle.
Posted on August 12, 2004
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1999 Lamborghini Campoleone Proprietary Blend
A Beautiful Italian Red That Sustains
96 points
Drink by: Now to 2 years
23 out of 49 people found this review helpful.
This wine, produced by the same family responsible for those famous luxury cars, hails from Umbria. It is composed of 50% Sangiovese and 50% Merlot, has aged well and will continue to do so for at least another year or so.

The tannins, though not overbearing, rest on the palate, for a solid 45+ seconds, and leave a wonderful sensation on the tongue. The nose is also quite pleasant and aromatic. This is one of the smoothest drinking wines I have ever tasted.

Highly recommended. Would pay upwards of $75 for a pristine bottle.
Posted on August 12, 2004
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