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2006 - Descendientes de Jose Palacios Petalos del Bierzo
Aromas everywhere!
Nov 03, 2010
1 star 1 star 1 star
This Descendientes De Jose Palacios Bierzo Petalos is an interesting Spanish wine, made from old vine Menzia grapes.In the glass, it is medium/deep red, more ruby than purple.Aromas stampede from the glass - aromas all over the place... here and there... purple, fruity, violets, sweet beach sand, yum!On the palate, a first grab of tannic grape at the very front of your mouth - think Chateau Welch's Grape Juice that's been steeping in clean,fibrous terrycloth. That terrycloth resolves into a solid robe of mid-red fruit all around your palate. At that point, it's more to red currants and berries than grape juice. Finish is clean, minerally, almost crisp, without being too acidic.Interesting. Three stars out of five. I want to try it again - someday. Not sure what age will do.More reviews at

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