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Jordan J.
Jordan J.
2005 - La Butte, Domaine (Jacky Blot) Bourgueil, Mi Pente
One of the most complex wines at any price point
Apr 26, 2008
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Despite this wine being overly dry and possessing roughness in the mouth it is nevertheless still outstanding. This is one of the most complex and highly perfumed wines in the nose, mouth, and finish.  This is one of those wines that you can almost extrapolate just about anything you want out of it. The scents in the bouquet range from huge walnut very Paulliac or St. Julien (think Las cases or Latour), beef stew, animal fur, chocolate, Smokey tar-like scents (that borderline on charcoal)  and tree bark with plums, raisons, cherry, and black currant all mashed in the dirt.  The explosion of flavors carries through in the attack with a very rustic personality. Although it comes across dusty and harsh it still has a bit of elegance. The finish is long and charming. If this wine ages well and softens up on the palate this might just be the bargain of the  year.

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