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James W.
James W.
2005 - Groote Post Sauvignon blanc
Dry to the Oak
May 31, 2008
1 star 1 star
The oak is in control of this wine - no doubt, but it isn't a bad as most oak driven wines.  The crisp lemon and pear fruit flavors are still hanging in there right next to the fruit and make a wonderful pairing.  Still - too much oak.
Vanessa W.
Vanessa W.
2000 - Groote Post Sauvignon blanc
Dry Sav
May 28, 2008
1 star 1 star
This was a very dry Sauvignon Blanc from South Africa.  The fruit is very light and somewhat submissive to the dried oak flavors.  This wine is a miss for me as a whole, except that it would be good to cool down with on a summer night.
James W.
James W.
2004 - Groote Post Sauvignon blanc
Dry South African Wine
May 13, 2008
1 star 1 star
This is a much drier sav. blanc than I had expected - even for South Africa.  This drinks more like a Chenin Blanc than a Sauvignon Blanc.  The crispness of this wine makes it easy to drink with food but the oak is still a little too strong for my tastes.

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