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Peter M.
Peter M.
2001 - Rudd Estate Oakville Estate Proprietary Red Wine
Rudd be your bud
May 14, 2008
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Opened and decanted on 5/09/08. Was not apparent this was a Cab at first. A Cali bordeaux blend. Looked like purple grape juice. In glass the ruby color almost to the rim. First legs ran fast, second wave ran slow. Bouquet of dark fruits, oak, and vanilla. Balance was superb, one of the best I've encountered. Felt this in no one location in the mouth; its effect was all over the palate. Alcohol hidden and well balanced. Medium body. Finish fades failry quickly. Some coarse residue in the glass. Has developed more structure after1/2 in glass and is more complex. Now some tannins appear but nothing detracting. Like it when wines develope and change in the glass. To me that's a sign of a well made wine, which this is. Now on 3rd day the oak is apparent in the bouquet and taste. Tannins drying effect is evident when wine is swished in mouth but this dissipates quickly. Compared to a 2001 Spring Mountain Elivette, which was very absorbtive in the mouth and developed each half hour in glass, this wine is more about balance and structure. Based on the tannins and oak, I would age this to 2017. I noted a lot of sediment in this wine, then saw the bottle was under number 10. I wonder if when the bottled this first batch the winery might have gottten too much sediment in the first few bottling.

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