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Address: 8491 Cobble Creek Lane
Orangevale, California 95662
Phone: (916) 729-9378
The case of a wine collector's passion to share!

What to do with thousands of rare and highly rated wines collected over the past 32 years?. Thousands of gems. It was the joy of sharing these treasures that spawned the creation of the Wine Menu to offer to those who choose to collect or drink incredible delectable liquid gold a wonderful safe place to purchase them.

The web site called simply "Wine Menu" was developed. Wine Menu has made many wine collectors, restaurant owners, and lovers of truly splendid wines very happy. So that is what a fine wine collector does when a lifetime of collecting yields more bottles of wine than could possibly be consumed by family, friends, and business peers, though we try very hard.

Thousands of hours of searching is required to build a vast collection of great quality wines, not to mention a fortune spent on purchasing them over the decades. Then there is the year after year expense of properly storing the collectibles. Wine Collectors must go to great lengths, and often great expense, to ensure their collections are protected from heat, light, and motion. Perhaps the greatest expense and joy is in the travel to hundreds of wineries in order to taste, buy, and build strong direct relationships with the owners of the very best wineries. Enjoy life for I say; if you say no to great wines, you say no to life. Cheers (CM) Wine Menu
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